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  • Is The Result Of A Global Search For A Unique Blend Of Ingredients To Deliver Our Most Intense Pre-Workout Ever.
  • Botanicals Such As A Traditional Chinese Plant Extract Euphoria Iongana, Lindera Aggregata And Rhodiola Rosdea Have Been Combined With 200mg Of Caffeine, 1.6mg Of Beta-Alanine And 1g Of Citrulline Blend To Support Energy* And Enhanced Focus** In One Scoop.

** A Unique Blend Of Ingredients Delivering One Scoop Of Effectiveness. Featuring:

  • Euphoria Longana: A Tropical Fruit From Southern Asia Used For Centuries By Chinese Herbalists.
  • Lindera Aggregata: Comes From The Root Of The Japanese Evergreen Spicebush And Is An Essential Ingredient From The Kampo Herb List.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: From Cold Mountainous Regions Of The World And Has Long Been Used In Russia, Scandinavia And Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • *Vitamins B1, B6, B12, Niacin And Pantothenic Acid Contribute To Normal Energy Yielding Metabolism
  • **Caffeine Contributes To Increased Alertness And Improved Concentration.** 
  • BSN N.O.-Xplode XE Edge Highlights:

    • BSN’s Most Intense Pre-Workout Ever
    • Unique Blend Of Botanical Ingredients
    • Formulated For Energy And Enhanced Focus
    • 200 Mg Caffeine And 1.6 G Beta Alanine Per Scoop


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